Subtones . Solo . 2020 

Miles Perkin: Solo Double Bass, Voice, Drums, Re-Amping

180g Vinyl, CD or download available HERE

The Point In Question . Miles Perkin Quartet . 2019

Tom Arthurs: Trumpet . Benoit Delbecq: Piano . Jim Black: Drums . Miles Perkin: Bass

Vinyl, CD or download available HERE

This Old Song  . 2022

Collection of songs with guest musicians.

download available HERE

While The World Waited . 2022

Simon Jermyn: Electric and Nylon string guitars . Miles Perkin: Bass

download available HERE

Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear . Miles Perkin Quartet . 2011

Tom Arthurs: Trumpet . Benoit Delbecq: Piano . Thom Gossage: Drums . Miles Perkin: Bass

CD or download available HERE

Aposiopesis . Solo .2008

Miles Perkin: Solo Double Bass, Voice, Electronics

CD or download available HERE

The Guessing Game . Miles Perkin Ensemble (Common Thread) . 2008

Erik Hove: Alto Saxophone, Flute . Chet Doxas: Tenor Saxophone . Clarinet . Sarah Pagé: Harp . Joe Grass: Pedal Steel, Mandolin, Guitars . Thom Gossage: Drums . Miles Perkin: Bass

CD or download available  HERE

All Mountains . Coal Oven . 2016

Miles Perkin: Vocals, Double Bass, Pedal Steel . Dave Bennett: Guitar . Derek Shirley: Drums

CD or download available HERE

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