Video by Raphael Ettore, Lena Kilchitskaya and George Simeo. Recorded and Mixed by Vid Cousins


Raw . Huge . Beautiful . Intense .

An outlier on his instrument, Miles Perkin puts the double bass at the forefront in a way you’ve never seen before. Under his crystal clear singing voice, he unearths the vast possibilities the massive instrument has to offer; from the extended low range, to screaming overtones, to propulsive percussive effects. All of this is enhanced by feeding higher frequencies through stereo tube guitar amps, and by occasionally hitting some drums. The music combines ambient soundscapes, deft songwriting, precise execution and a particular form of virtuosity that always prioritises the intention of the music.

10 years after releasing his debut solo album Aposiopesis, his recently completed solo album Subtones will be released in Spring, 2020.

“This debut album is a strong statement that he will not be restricted by any one style or influence … music that speaks of experimentation and broad vision” -Irwin Block, Montreal Gazette

“drawing sounds from thin air, Aposiopesis is a beautiful, quiet and haunted record, slowly and continuously built up, torn down, and built up again.” -Nightlife Magazine Montreal

Get ready for this... Subtones is coming Spring 2020!!

Aposiopesis by Miles Perkin available HERE

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