video filmed/edited by Macabre Pariah Production /

Miles Perkin Quartet

featuring Tom Arthurs: trumpet . Benoit Delbecq: piano . Jim Black: drums

Canadian double bassist Miles Perkin has assembled a group of four musicians who have carved out their identities not only as world class instrumentalists, but also as individuals who have indeed created their own personal musical worlds. To the listener who is already familiar with these musicians, the mention of any one of these names immediately brings to mind an unmistakable, signature sound. 

The Miles Perkin Quartet merges these 4 musical worlds into a cohesive sound that is familiar, yet completely new at the same time. The bassist’s compositions unfold naturally through the instincts of these empathetic and highly skilled improvisers. The result is gently forward looking, sophisticated yet vital music that somehow seems to float in the air.

Photo Credits: Miles Perkin (Susan Moss) Tom Arthurs (Gemma van der Heyden Hires),  Benoit Delbecq (Barbara Rigon) Jim Black (Emiliano Neri)

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