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This collection of songs represents a side-track in my musical output. You see, I'm an instrumentalist first and foremost. In particular, a upright/acoustic/double/kontra/contre/up-standing or whatever you want to call it bassist. Up until this point my music has been more focused on sounds, arrangements, interaction, and things like that. 

But here we have songs. Simple songs. This is something I've been casually doing all along, but I've never been very public about it. Songs like these have always been a side project for me and tend to live on the back burner. Over the past 10 years I've been making recordings of these songs and the time has come to crack open the vault and share some of my favourites with you. I hope you enjoy!

Joe Grass: Pedal Steel Guitar on tracks 1,3,4,5 
Steve Heather: Drums on Tracks 1,4,5,6 
Manon Kahle: Backing Vocals on tracks 1,4,6 
Lucia Cadotsch: Backing Vocals on tracks 1,4 
Christine Holtz: Backing Vocals on track 6 
Brad Barr: Banjo on track 5 

All other instruments performed and recorded at home in Berlin by Miles Perkin 

Artwork by Iben Perkin

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