The Fields We Roam

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Brad Barr has written an vast collection of great songs. Many moons ago when we were neighbours and bandmates he wrote a song called "The Devil's Harp". It was always one of my favourite songs to play. When the chorus arrives it has an ultra cool bass line AND an ultra cool backup vocal part that happen at the same time. Both of those things were my job, so I obviously felt ultra cool every time we played that song. (So much so that one time I actually thought to myself while on stage "Man, I'm so cool right now I don't even need shades". This is a true story. Yes, I actually thought that in my head). 
But there are other cool things about the song. Not least is the guitar part. It has this magical ring to it. One day I tried to learn how to play it, but I couldn't get it sounding right. I showed Brad what I'd figured out, and he said "Yeah, No. You gotta tune your guitar like this". It was the magical key.

Fast forward a couple of years and we tragically lost our dear friend Lhasa. I picked up my guitar, applied Brad's magic tuning, and wrote this song as a sort of requiem to her.

you once landed on these distant shores
you have walked this road before
now i ask you, i thought you would know
you’ve put your foot down on this road
i heard it from that resting crow
now he’s gonna fly

rounded corners, needle pointing north
to the place where the wind was born
all your courters, and your loyal friends
couldn’t say how this would end
now it’s time to fly

between worlds, and through dreams
it’s not only what we see
more that only where we’ve been
we can’t see it all

turning wild, turning home
to the fields that we did roam
planted seeds that we did sew
at the turning of the tide

now walk that bridge, over the road
and watch that flying crow
over borders, and the golden mean
this is a world i’ve never seen
there is never time to say it all
stories short, tales tall
kneed, stall, then heed the call
when it is your time

clouds and earth, rich with snow
as my foot falls on this road
no one knows how long this goes
so we make the time

turning wild, turning home
to the fields that we will roam
plant the seeds that we will sew
earth and sky are filled with snow
i place my foot upon this road
it’s your face my child will know
and your face my child will show
it’s your face my child will know
every time we smile.

now walk that bridge
over the road
out into the snow


released August 27, 2021

Brad Barr: Banjo
Joe Grass: Pedal Steel Guitar
Steve Heather: Drums & Percussion

All other instruments and vocals performed and recorded by Miles Perkin at home in Berlin

Artwork by Iben Perkin (it's her drawing of a compass that Lhasa gave me as a gift)

Dedicated to the memory of Lhasa de Sela

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